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Mar 04, 2019 07:51:25

Do something that's sustainable

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I've previously written about the importance of putting in the daily work to reach a goal. You only get better when we commit to regular practice. Any progress, how small it might be, is great. 

So, there is a minimum amount of progress you want to make. But let's consider the other end of the spectrum for a minute. Should there be a maximum amount of progress as well? 

You'd think that we should always be doing as much as possible. If you feel a burst of motivation, why not go all out? Actually, you shouldn't and here is why.

Progress needs to be sustainable! 

If you feel really strong today at the gym and add 15 pounds at once to your weights, you risk an injury and overexertion. This could potentially erase all the progress you've made in the last month. 

If you feel a spark of energy today while you're practicing a new language and you continue for hours and hours, you aren't helping your memory. It's likely that you'll have forgotten most of what you've learned the next day. Plus, you might feel demotivated because you cannot sustain such a long practice every day. 

Whatever you're practicing, pick a pace that you can sustain for a long time. You'll achieve big gains soon enough. 

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