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Jun 09, 2019 16:57:13

depression the leading cause of suicide (it's about bipolar anyway)

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Though the topic statement is absolutely true (Over 50 percent of all people who die by suicide suffer from major depression. If one includes alcoholics who are depressed, this figure rises to over 75 percent), I phrased it in that particular way assuming, that the word "suicide" draws much more attention than the word "depression" by itself.

The disease is pretty well researched and commonly known, at least in the West, and I think we are getting a bit fed up with the term (and perhaps as well with the problem?) being all over all media for quite a while.

And yet, the fedupness doesn't make it any easier for people actually suffering from it, even if they themselves are fed up with the whole thing not any less.

Why, if I assume it a banal topic, do I want to talk about it?


I want to nudge depression mostly in the context of bipolar disorder because:

I am bipolar

and I decided to share that here.

Adding, hopefully, some more extended information, hence educating myself, as researching the subject will refresh and widen my knowledge as well...

So, first of all:

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Bipolar Disorder and Depression?

  • People with a bipolar I disorder diagnosis will have had at least one manic episode, but they might not ever have an episode of major depressive disorder.
  • People with a diagnosis of bipolar II disorder will have had at least one hypomanic episode, preceded or followed by a major depressive episode.
  • People with major depressive disorder do not experience any extreme, elevated feelings, classify as mania or hypomania.
  • Turns out there is also: cyclothymic disorder - chronic, fluctuating mood disturbance involving numerous hypomanic symptoms and periods of depressive symptoms that are distinct from each other. The hypomanic symptoms do not meet the full criteria for a hypomanic episode and the depressive symptoms do not meet the full criteria for a depressive episode.

There was supposed to be a bit more personal reflections about family, openness and if it is easier to talk about difficult issues online...

Next time, peut Γͺtre...

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    @lucjah I have clinical depression and been on medication for 8 years.

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Jun 11, 2019 16:42:56
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    @lucjah - thank you for sharing. I'd venture a guess that there's a lot of chemistry involved.

    If we talked about diagnoses more in terms of chemistry, we could bypass some labels.

    The vehicle was traveling at 72 mph. The driver was the only person in the vehicle and behind the wheel when the police officer was able to observe the vehicle coming to a full stop.


    That guy ( driver ) is a speeder.

    ( Just trying out some objective descriptions rather than labels. Which I think could be helpful. )

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 09, 2019 10:16:30
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      @brianball Thank you :-)
      Yes, there are so many facets as days, yet, one needs to start with something
      there are days when i actually disagree with this particular label, but in many aspects, it makes life much easier to use THAT word... it is a kind of an approximation, as every other word is... they are never THAT, only just approximations, right?
      I drop themes really often here, but sometimes I keep them for a while (imperfection, cognitive dissonance, Alice and Bob :-))) so maybe I manage to write more, I myself would like to discover more from the "official version" side, as recently I feel a bit overwhelmed... too many things were happening in real life, not enough dull routine... so i'd like this here to be a small therapy...

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 09, 2019 20:34:09
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      @lucjah - therapy: isn’t that why we’re all here?

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 09, 2019 13:49:38
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