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Mar 16, 2019 13:58:25

daily rumbling

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Fuck fuck fuck... what a bore! I do not want to make any effort to write anything even remotely interesting. I don't care. 

It's a bit shameful, that I decide to rumble yet again. So, it seems I do care. I would like to seem intelligent, funny, inventive, witty... yet, all resources enabling any kind of attempts towards this qualities are... gone... somewhere... No idea where actually! WHERE can they be? Have they sunk into the puddle of misery? Are they lost in the meanders of my grey matter? Or they just slid off of my head, on my hair(s), to.. the mattress, the pillow, the... other pillow (the very small one, I suppose they still might fit there).

Ok, so the resources are long gone. What is left? My will to keep the streak, and my hope that one day, hopefully soon, something changes. Hmmmm....

Or maybe I should write something about one of the stupid (or a bit less stupid) series I am "checking out" on Netflix? I actually started writing post about this amazing book I have just finished, but I drowned in the attempt to describe the brilliancy of the book. 

So... I keep rumbling!



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    @lucjah Is this the same person who authored the treatise on the 200WAD couch concept?

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 16, 2019 07:56:37
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