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Feb 14, 2019 15:02:59

Daily Pillars

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Sir Abe

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I now write first thing in the morning after performing my daily pillars.

A military man once said.

Everyday, I make my bed when I wake up. That way, even if I don’t do anything else, I’ll have done at least one thing right that day.

I don’t care for making my bed, but I appreciate the sentiment and apply it to my own daily ritual, which I call daily pillars, because they prop and support the heavier structure that is my day. But what’s in a day?

We do a lot in a day. Shit. Shower. Some of us Shave. Eat. Some of us cook. Commute. Some of us work. Some study. Some both.

So then, what’s included in our conception of a day? What do we share? What do we go into detail on when describing our day to a friend? What do we focus on when our family asks what we’ve been up to since the last time? Out of all that which happens in each 24 hour iteration, what of it do we really categorize as being part of our day.

It’s funny I said 24 hours, because most people don’t consider sleep a part of their day, which cuts it down already to ~16 hours. This is my favorite illustration of the contrast between our literal day — a unit of time — and of our [can’t-think-of-a-word] day. So what’s included within what we think of when one refers to their ‘day’?

People don’t discuss shits and showers. Some, who are interested, may go into cooking, but for them, it’s as if they’re describing a hobby, which is not what cooking is to the majority. In honesty, I think the most common thing one will turn to when describing their day is their work and/or their study.

So if work and study is what is part of our [can’t-think-of-a-word] day, then the purpose of my daily pillars is to prop up and support work and study.

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