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Mar 31, 2019 19:00:08

Corporate helplessness by @marekcaus

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Jan 15, 2019 10:52:49 @marekcaus 

"there is no force in the universe that would prevent me from following my instincts of information-predator"

Today I experienced corporate helplessness in it's worst aspect. While I was working alone, everything was fine. When my team leader came in, I had to adjust myself to him, but it didn't surpass limits of my good will. When Pawel started to have some annoying comments and commands to my work, my psychical comfort started to fall. Suddenly I noticed that i don't like:

- mindless trenching into only-known-solution for all the technical problems,

- lack of code reviews,

- constanly changing specification due to the executives not having any vision of the product,

- people telling me what I have to do in smallest details (and being wrong!),

- me having to depend on the stupid patterns that are rooted in the codebase (and having to duplicate them),

- me having no motivation to care about the cleanliness of my code, thus neglecting more and more important details.

Tomorrow I will come with some solution with these problems!

Is being non-productive natural sometimes?

In one of his blog posts Joel Spolsky wrote that he considers it natural to be non-productive for whole days from time to time. I fell like having such a period now. I set up a web browser plugin to block sites I go to spoil some time, and was successfully following that policy, but after couple of weeks something broke in me and I started shamelessly disabling this plugin to roam free on the internet. I fell like there is no force in the universe that would prevent me from following my instincts of information-predator. I do realize that this trait allowed me to learn so fast and on my own about web development, but it needs a lot of self-control to not open the pandora box, or how Tim Urban named it - to not enter the dark playground.

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