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Apr 29, 2019 23:20:01


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One of the things that I would like my son to learn is an effort of continuation. If we continue a thing for long enough, we will reach the next level where we can see something different. 

Although I did not have a record-breaking achievement (maybe yet), it has been very helpful for me to play the piano in my life. Since I started to play when I was 5 or 6 years old, I "continued" in a way thanks to my mother.

My mother wanted me to be interested in playing the piano when I was 5 years old. But she never told me to play the piano. She showed us that she enjoyed herself playing the piano and singing, and let us desire to be involved. We were attracted and gathered around my mother as she aimed. 

When  I went to junior high school, I join a basketball club and went to the second school in the evening after the usual school during the day to study advanced areas. I gradually lost some interests and found difficult to continue playing the piano. 

One day I told my mother that I would like to quit. However, gently she asked me this was the only thing she wanted me to continue. She said, "try to continue even if you do not practice."  

As she suggested, I continued to go and learn from my piano teacher. It was not that bad experience. But literally, I went there without practice and was embarrassed that I did not make any progress. 

After I entered university and was released from the pressure to enter a competitive university, I made great friends through music. I found many other ways of having fun with the piano e.g., accompany for chorus, singing while playing, piano duo, 2 piano with 8 hands, improvise. When I studied abroad, it was a helpful moment to remind of myself by doing an unchanged thing i.e., playing the piano.

Now I still play the piano for fun and relaxing by picking up some scores covering pop or movie songs that I am familiar with. I appreciated the moment that I can just focus on playing and not think of concerns at all–white out moment

Through playing the piano, I learned how to improve my skill. As long as we continue and think of a more effective way of using the time, we try to set a small goal for practice, make experiments in various ways, and see the improvement (or degradation.) These cycle can be applied to anything. 

If we can do one thing, we can have a more decent expectation of how things are going. We cannot expect everything is smoothly going well. But after a while, if we continue long, we will see some signs of progress. 

(Oh, I originally wanted to say something different but it seems to be changed...I need to revise this later)


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    @hiro I have to say I envy you have such a great mother! When I was only three, special talent about painting distinguish myself from other kids. But my parents didn't show particular interest to let me learn it professionally. I found time to draw something besides school till I entered college. Though it's kind of way of continuation without much practice, my ability to draw is just above average. Still interested in visualization and arts, but it's only a tiny hobby now.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Apr 30, 2019 16:15:12
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      @5plus6 You are right. I need to thank my mother more. But, note that my ability to play the piano is just average or perhaps less than average if you consider my years of experience. I am glad you also continued in a way and still drawing is in your brain. The time will come to connect the dots.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | Apr 30, 2019 21:46:04
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