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Mar 25, 2019 20:50:31

Consume vs. Create

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Julia Saxena

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Nothing is easier in this world than consuming lots of information. It's almost impossible to get away from it. 

We spend most of our days consuming: the new episode of our favorite series on Netflix, the news on TV, random pictures on Instagram, updates from our friends on Facebook and so on. 

Is this good for us? Most information we consume is junk, but some are actually useful and can help us make our lives better. 

I do enjoy spending an afternoon binge-watching Netflix. Afterward, however, I feel kind of empty. What have I gotten out of this experience?

I noticed that something else fulfills me much more and gives me a very satisfactory feeling. It's when I create something!

Creating means being active instead of passive. It means giving something back to the world. 

Here are a few things you could create today:

  • Paint or draw a picture, or just doodle
  • Write a blog post, an article, or an essay about something that's important to you
  • Play an instrument and "create" some music
  • Build something, can be a physical thing or a virtual one
  • Cook a tasty meal 
  • Redecorate your home and create a new atmosphere 
  • Create an experience for someone you love, for example, by taking them out for dinner 

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