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Jul 20, 2019 19:32:42


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Start fo the Saturday was promising but later I drop down into the classic lethargy. I dont care that much but I will try to do at least something not hehe.
I am working on a new post for Monday, I also have to do a new video for my Youtube channel but somehow always keeping it to very last minute. The last week was the first one I almost missed the scheduled posting and was ready to give up but in the very last minute I got some motivational kick and I could make it.
I dont know why but so far to schedule something and make a deadline for new posts, video or whatever works the best for me. I have never missed a thing yet.
I like to keep it consistent even thought most of the time it's just for myself.
I should probably schedule more work haha. I am planning to work more. Unfortunately, it's needed hehe. Actually, I was thinking about my perfect day and I wouldn't mind having some working there. You know you just cannot surf all the time haha. :)
Enjoy rest of your Saturday and take care.
Stay with me. Efran.

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