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Aug 20, 2019 11:00:07

Comparison by @ally

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Jun 24, 2019 16:07:42 @ally 

"fake inference of sponteneity"

Quick thought of the day: Comparison.

Always remind yourself that on social media there is fake inference of sponteneity. In other words people post things that actually take a lot of time to set up and pass it off as it being a spontaneous photo. Letโ€™s say one day a female blogger posts a photo that took 5 solid hours combined for preparing their hair, make up, outfit, location, colour co-ordination with their feed, taking multiple shots, picking the best photo, editing, and adds a fake โ€˜spontaneous momentโ€™ caption. Our reaction when we see that photo on our feeds is so irrational. Not only do we think โ€˜wow I wish I also looked like that?โ€™ , we also subciously wish we looked like that naturally, whilst being effortless and spontaneously. Ignoring that the bloggers photo was staged and not even they look like that spontaneously, If someone snaps a photo of them when they least expect it. We do ourselves such a disfavor for no rational reason. We should instead do ourselves a favor and remind ourselves that all these photos are staged. Thinking โ€˜wow I do acknowledge that to be a beautiful photo, but I know that this photo took a lot of time and planning to set up, so I understand that to be part of why it is the way it is.โ€™

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