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May 17, 2019 19:40:13

Cockroaches and reality

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Julia Saxena

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I freakin hate cockroaches ....

It's the one animal I'm most afraid of. 

So, you can imagine that I wasn't all too thrilled when one huge (according to me) exemplar ran across my living room the other day. 

We live in the tropics, so it's not too uncommon to see them. It's actually hard to keep them out of the house. 

As the cockroach and I locked eyes (they have eyes right?), I had a quick decision to make. 

Option 1: I could lock myself in another room, wait until my husband comes home, and let him deal with it.

Option 2: I could grab the insect spray and a broom, hunt this thing down, and terminate it. 

I believe that our thoughts largely determine our reality. That means it was fully in my control how I would react to this situation. This situation is equally an opportunity and a threat. It all depends on how I see it. 

I could let my fear overrule anything else and hide. Or I could attack this like a hunter from Supernatural going after a demon (currently watching season 6). 

You'll be happy to hear that I chose option 2. The cockroach is no more! And I'm super proud for not giving in to my fear. 

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