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May 31, 2019 20:44:37

Choosing to Do.

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OA Lemus

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The weather was not on my side yesterday; the rain did not deter me from taking some photographs, the shots were not my chosen theme of the day [animals in the city] but still, it provided me with a level of practice for living in the moment. 

.side note.

Yesterday NYU Law hosted the second Automated Decisions Systems Task Force forum; I was taken aback by the location, the people in attendance, and the feeling in the air. Chancey Fleet, a speaker at the forum spoke about the realities possibly faced between accessibility and ADS in NYC, and in where such forum was taking place at NYU, rather than in a library or community center. I am thinking of keeping this for my classroom material in the Fall, 2019. 

.back to the program.

My new camera arrived today, RICOH GR III, this is my second camera (the first had a dead pixel). Today, I am going to Manhattan and am choosing no theme but will work on my framing techniques, all I want to come back with is one decent photograph of the day; am hoping to post this on my social media accounts and then onto my soon-to-be-completed website. 

Signing out.

OA Lemus aka Shadown Don

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    @$hadow Don

    Where you at??

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Jun 05, 2019 13:15:04
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    @$hadow Don

    you got them photos up yet?

    This is a reminder:

    you ain't real.

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Jun 03, 2019 11:32:53
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