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Jun 04, 2019 23:16:43


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I don't usually cry watching TV shows or movies. With Chernobyl I was on the verge of crying during the last episode (which I consider being one of the best epilogues too a show I've ever seen).

The attention to details in every single episode is staggering. You might not notice most things if you never lived in or visited any Eastern European country, but being my wife Polish, I noticed right away how the insides of the houses (just to take an example, but this training can be applied to basically everything in the show) to be really truthful, with items you don't find in Western houses. It shows that they really care about making a high quality series that is as accurate as they can. Even people in Russia and Ukraine are praising its historical fidality, could you ask for more than that?

The goal of showing the truth of what happen really shines through. Every episode has a companion podcast where the writer talks about which scenes in each episode were 100% real and which ones were added for cinematography sakes. Even the added ones are not over the top, they are just there to continue a characters story or to provide context.

Do yourself a favor and watch it, you won't regret it.

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