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Jun 26, 2019 16:31:09

Chattering to whispers

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Sir Abe

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I was sitting inside my favorite cafe. It was my favorite since I first stepped foot into the outdoor patio. And I haven't grown sick of it since. The power had gone out. And so there was no music. No humming noises of the machines. And so it felt so quiet. And everyone went from their usual chattering into talking in whispers. 

It felt like I was in what I imagined it to be like sitting inside a cafe during a war. Where there was always a chance that planes might drop bombs overhead. I don't know why I thought of that. That's how it felt though. People spoke more softly, and they leaned in more. It felt like we were all in the grasps of a secret.

I sat there thinking about this. I was alone. What the hell had I been doing at the cafe anyhow? I wasn't on my laptop. I didn't have a book out. No. I was just sitting on an armchair staring out into nothing when the power went out, sipping a Ginger Dragon. I wasn't doing anything, and the power went out. And in a way, I kind of liked the idea of the power staying off forever... well maybe not forever but a few more hours.

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