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Jun 22, 2019 21:33:50

Categorize Posts

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Valentino Urbano

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In the last 6+ months, I've written an article every day[^1]. Unfortunately, I did not categorize most of them. Doing it later is a much larger job that it would have been if I did it in the first place when I should have, but well lesson learned…

During the process I came up with one big revelation:

Categorizing posts is way harder than I initially thought.

A lot of posts don't particularly fit in the limited number of categories that I had created, but I don't want to add new ones. I added one for Productivity because I felt that there are enough articles about it that it is necessary, but I would like to avoid to create a large number of categories. It totally defeats the purpose of having categories. On the other hand, having most posts under 'General' or 'Uncategorized' defeats the main purpose.

What I decided to go for is to put everything in categories as best I could and leave the rest in 'General' so in the future when the number of articles for a specific topic grows I know that I can always go and look in 'General' for posts to add the new category to instead of labeling to the closest thing to it that I have available now and promptly forget to migrate it to the new category.

[^1]: Almost since a lot of times was just adding words to an already existing article so the count doesn't really match.

Note for 200WaD: This refers to adding categories to articles published on my website and not on 200WaD. To add categories on my website's posts I just have to edit a markdown file. To do it on 200WaD I would have needed to go manually through each post and add it.

Originally published at www.valentinourbano.com

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    @valentino working on this as I'm writing this comment πŸ™ƒ an easier way to change categories and collections on 200WaD from the "My Words" page

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jun 23, 2019 03:49:45
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