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Aug 08, 2019 19:13:18

calm Thursday

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Today is a lot of soccer games on television. The Europen league has its playoffs. Unfortunately, I am a big fan of soccer so I must watch all the evening. Some Czech teams playing so even better. 

I think one in a time you can have a chilled day in front of the tv like this.

Otherwise pretty calm day at work. Thursday is all right almost always. 

In case of side projects, I need to just make some post for my affiliate site and it's always pretty fast.

Next week I am gonna hopefully start working on a little shift around this project and will try to monetize that website even more (money first approach). I got a little idea and I would like to definitely try it. No much time left to fulfill my high goals so I have to try hard.

 I think it could work. I am gonna co operate with my brother who is pretty good in online marketing and will help me. I am gonna do just the technical part but it shouldn't be hard.

I wanna kick it off pretty fast cuz I am not patient at all, haha.

Ok, wish me luck.


Stay with me .Efran.

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