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Aug 08, 2019 22:28:19


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Burocracy is such a pain. You are always bounced through a few different offices (of your lucky and you get anything done at all) or have to come back over and over to do even the most basic stuff like a change of address inside the same city. 

If you tought that national burocracy was bad, wait until you have to do anything internationally. Just registering an eu citizen to as living with me took almost a month and 5 different visits. Here I'm not counting the visit to the consulate, but just the ones to the local city hall office. 

What I purposefully didn't mention is that that was my wife. Now imagine if it was a stranger. They wanted me to force her to pay rent to be able to move with me which I adamantedly refused. Finally they find a way, but I was being 'difficult'. Being difficult for refusing to force my spouse to pay me rent to live in my house. And we're supposed to be a country with strong family values, imagine if we were not.

No joke burocracy is disliked by everybody. It could be so easy for it to work, but they don't want it to change. 

I still hope got a future where we would do everything online without having to go through million hooks to do anything. Such fantasy...

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