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May 18, 2019 20:59:02

Building an online home

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One of the repeating themes of the writing course, Write of Passage, is having an online identity. Last week, all the lessons were focussed on two main things. (It goes without saying that we have a website of our own. No Medium or Blogspot)

  • Having a well written and thoughtfully done, "About Me" page.
  • Publishing a "Curated Links" page

Why "About Me" page?

  • "About Me" page is your online visiting card. It is way powerful than the cookie cutter templates of social media. You own the narrative and you tell your story to the visitors.
  • Key advice while writing a page: "Try looking at this page from the perspective of a random visitor: what might have them reach out to you inviting you to speak at a conference, or spend a weekend at a retreat centre with other industry leaders, or be interviewed for a podcast, or contribute an article to a journal, etc.?"
  • Try adding 3-5 short paragraphs, where you really talk about the most interesting things you are working on, thinking about, and learning. Take risks, say controversial things you believe that most others don’t, tell us your current growth edge, your biggest success (and failure). Paint a picture of how unique and interesting you are so that you are the only choice for someone looking for that intersection of interests!

Why "Curated Links" page?

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