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Apr 13, 2019 23:33:28

Buffer between today and tomorrow, myself and others

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This week I felt sick, the first worry came to my mind is what if I lost a streak again for I am too ill to write.

Usually I wake up at around 7 AM to write my draft on cellphone and edit it on computer after launch nap then publish it at afternoon. Now I couldn't get up early as usual and have to sleep earlier, the solution is writing draft before sleep because no matter how sick I am, I wouldn't release my cellphone before going to bed. This way could also be called combination of my old habit with new habit. And it's successful to remain streaks for me.

The same thing is I still edit it after launch other than publish immediately. At least four hours after finishing my draft before reading it again and reading others' posts instead makes me less nervous to consider what to write next day. It's a good buffer among today's my unfinished streak, today's others' published posts and tomorrow's new draft.

Thanks to the buffer time, most of the time I update my title to highlight my topic because I become more clear about what I want to convey other than just correcting grammar and rewrite some sentences.

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