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May 14, 2019 13:00:04

Breaking the Stage Gates by @trikro

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Jan 10, 2019 21:06:48 @trikro

"The problem with stage gates is that they only go in one direction"

The Stage Gate Process is a big company staple. Every company has one.

Idea -> Concept -> Approval -> Pre-Production -> Production -> Global Rollout

Some companies that have decided to throw away their old gatekeeping process and implement a new clever way of bringing new products to market using metered funding. But they are secretly lying and just insert a different kind of stage gate process in anyway.

Problem -> Solution -> Scale -> Launch

or even

Seed -> Series A -> Series B -> Series C

All this in a vain attempt to copy what silicon valley startups do. But it's just the same linear thinking over and over again.

The problem with stage gates is that they only go in one direction. No one ever wants to go from Series A to raise another Seed round in Silicon Valley and no one will ever go from a global launch to rolling out a small test product in a tiny country in a large company.

But that exactly what startups do in reality! It's just called something different. It's a bridge round. A small amount of funding that allows startups to raise that seed round again and again until they are ready for "the next round."

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