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Jan 29, 2019 21:01:57

Blogging struggles

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Before I went to Canada I started my own blog (it was February 2016). I wanted to follow my life in a new country and just see my daily struggles. The side goal was to improve my written English which didn't go quite well as you can see haha :)).

For almost 2 years I had been writing one post per week and I was pretty happy about it. Of course, there were weeks I was struggling with my posts and I wrote down pretty much nothing but usually, it was easy to write cuz everything was new for me so I could find something interesting.

But after my comeback home, it's hard to keep going (I'm not posting anything now) cuz I am living just ordinary life and also one of the main blog topics is traveling so if I am staying just home you cannot really write travel related posts haha.

So now I am thinking what should I do with the blog. I mean should I just switch the topic and keep going or say goodbye forever? It feels hard just throw away 3 years of writing, but maybe its time to move on and start with some new project.

What do you think?


Stay with me. Efran. 

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    Keep it for archival purposes? Begin a new on that focuses on your new life?

    Abe avatar Abe | Jan 29, 2019 22:45:15
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