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Jul 07, 2019 08:06:11

Birthday Party for the little kid

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Last night we were having a small birthday party for the little kid, although not his actual day, it's more like a combine celebration with his cousin. I mention before both of my kids, and my brother's two kids are born within two weeks. My big kid is two-week elder then my brother big kids and his little kid is 2-week elder than my little kids.

For the big kids, we use to celebrate separate to avoid their disappointment but having so many kids, I guess most likely we are going to combine celebration more in the future.

The party more like a family gathering, my brother, sister, my wife's both sisters &  and their family and one of my brother's friend who is close to the family. Total kids count is 7, and you can imagine how messy the whole party is. Lucky we have prepared something for the kids to play with to keep their attention. We bought some toy model puzzle to keep them busy to build it and bubble toy as a souvenir.

Seriously now a day to hold a party with kids, other then foods, there is always a need to prepare something for the kids to play with and someone to help entertain the kids, if not the party will be full with all the running & shouting.

After the party and come home, I guess the little kid is too exhausted with the party, he did fall asleep pretty fast but keep wakeup and cry again. Lesson learn to give a two years old more rest before a party like this.

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    @knight happy birthday to your little kid!
    I can imagine how happy he was and what a mess! I was born in a big family where there are usually more than 6 kids in similar ages at the same time ( because my parents have 4), just like a zoom full with small animals, haha\~ I am the quietest kid, but still screaming, running all the time as well as eating and destroying things.

    However, all those noises haven't brothered the parents too much, because we lived in a very small city during that time. It's safe and everyone was familiar with their neighbors to keep eyes on the kids. Also, there are trees and pets to play with, living close to nature has made us wake up and sleep with the sun, and never bored with playing!

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 07, 2019 10:30:20
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      @5plus6 thanks!
      haha still learning, I think because I have low tolerance toward noisy sounds, can't really stand it when all them talking at the same time, feel like running away

      Knight avatar Knight | Jul 08, 2019 06:37:39
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