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Feb 27, 2019 18:35:39

Billions of futures @michaelriddering

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Jan 03, 2019 21:03:49 by @michaelriddering

"praying specific realities into existence"

Did God know before the creation of the universe that the Israelites would be stuck in the desert for 40 years before entering the promise land?

That simple question has intrigued me the last 24 hours because it has widespread implications.

Let's think about time as a 4th dimension (I will underline time when referring to it as a dimension) where, our current reality is nothing but a flat, linear plane of time). At any given moment, we have billions of potential future realities. You can think of these as an infinite spectrum of these flat, linear timelines. Each new minute of our life, we are drawing from ONE point on ONE of these planes of time which becomes our physical life.

All of our decisions impact these potential realities (like a butterfly effect), as well as the likelihood of any given reality coming to pass. For instance, if I decide to drop out of school, that decision immediately impacts all of my future realities and potential futures that involve me being a doctor diminish in probability. At every instant in our life, God is fully knowledgeable about each one of our potential realities. He can even see the likelihood that each comes to pass, and what decisions would result in a given linear time point becoming part of our actual life timeline.

However, God doesn’t know which individual point in time will actually become our reality (leaving the other points to exist solely in alternate time dimensions outside of singular flat, linear timeline).

This is why prayer is so meaningful. If we believe that God really does go into our future to "lay traps for the enemy," then we must believe that we have the ability to affect outcomes by praying specific realities into existence. For example, a given promise might exist in 90% of our realities. As people of free will, we have every ability to act in a way that inhibits that promise from coming to fruition (leaving the promise to exists solely on time planes outside of our physical life).

If God knew exactly which individual flat time realities will exist in our lifespan, then prayer is rendered meaningless. Because there’s no way that our prayers can render God incorrect by empowering a different reality. As a result, I will suggest that in order for us to believe that our prayers affect outcomes, then we must also believe that God is capable of seeing all potential realities in front of us and guides us in making our choices, but that ultimately, it is the decisions we make out of free will which determine our future.

Closing Thought

I believe that God exists outside of time, but up until this point, I had only been thinking of that in terms of my individual, flat plane of time. But the reality is, that if we consider time as the 4th dimension, then there are seemingly infinite layers of time, only one of which manifests in my physical life. If God is going into our future to work for good on our behalf and also maintaining our free will, then I believe that at every moment, he is working for good in billions of realities for each individual…only one of which will actually become part of our physical life here on earth.



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    200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters avatar 200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters | Feb 28, 2019 21:40:39
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    @arthurkendall isn't it just like <<setting up the energetic frequency for the life you want>> :-)

    200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters avatar 200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters | Feb 27, 2019 22:29:46
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      @oneposter There are parallels, yes. I used to have similar internal dialogues in my teens about God, time and space and free will. In fact it's like you are me in another of your reality points...

      I have to say that I am now more spiritual than religious and believe more in the universal energy that makes up all of time and space than in a personification of that energy as God. But I believe that all religions and many philosophies represent interpretations of the same truth. I also am not saying I have THE answer!

      For example, in church we say that "God lives in us" and "We live in God". Substitute "God" for "energy" and the ultimate meaning does not change. The power is the same.

      In my new understanding, though, we take responsibility for this power, rather than placing it in the (all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving) hands of another being.

      In this way, we not only have free will to choose the path and change our reality, but we are actually one with that power that allows us to achieve the outcome we want by choosing that path.

      We ARE that power. We have access to that knowledge.

      And most importantly, we are all-loving.

      I should have written this as a post...haha. Well, I might still...

      Thanks for this, though - I will come back to it as there are some interesting twists to ponder on...

      Oh yeah and I must also tag @lucjah

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Mar 01, 2019 13:01:38
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      @arthurkendall do do do simply put it in a Reply here!!! Don't delete the comment though, as i always repeat writing a Reply myself, I'm afraid nobody actually reads them.
      Thanks for tagging lucjah as well (I'm not using a handle here, as i am tagging myself sometimes and, though it is fun, it's also rises some expectations when i see a nice number in a little red dot, and then i find out it's "the other me" :-)))

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 01, 2019 13:22:23
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      @oneposter @lucjah haha, how many handles can you handle??!!

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Mar 03, 2019 21:04:31
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      hihi... now I handle 2, lucjah and this one (but only every other day, to keep a - tearful - impression of broken streaks), I have a 3rd one - Couch, but for now it's on hold... but there is a plan!

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 03, 2019 22:39:30
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