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Mar 06, 2019 23:12:10

before start

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Starting a project is not so easy how I expected. I mean I can always find a lot of excuses and never actually start working on it. Listed excuses below always coming to my mind.

  • bad notebook
  • don't have enough time cuz of my full-time job
  • not sure about technology to use
  • cannot really visualize the final product
  • how much should I invest 
  • should I use this, this or this plugin
  • omg the idea is so stupid .. or not .. or yes .. or not
  • should I start with something simpler
  • cannot make it by myself

and so on...and so on...

Not gonna lie it's a hassle. Also, it's making me super insecure to actually checking the listed projects on Product Hunt. People really making nice stuff and don't know if I would have even strength or skills to make something comparable. 

Are you crying again Efran? Sure I do cuz it's much easier, haha. 

I am not giving up. I just will do it my way. Without stress, without a deadline, without big expectation just as my laziness and life paint it haha.

11.11 PM. Time to go to bed and dream about a brighter future. 

Sweet dreams and good night. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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