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Apr 20, 2019 23:08:52

Barbecue in rainy day

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Today is the second rainy day in spring after first annoying summer-heat, I am sitting in McDonald with my sister writing this post on my phone besides heavy rain outside. 

We are both big fans of barbecue, undoubtedly,  today's cool rain is the best reason to go for enjoying it as usual.

There was crowded at our favorite restaurant full of smell of meat and sound of firing, seems like more people got the same ideas of roasting meat at weekend with us. It's awesome we had a seat away from the majorty sitting comfortly to have a long private conversation. The best food is what eating with the best friend.

Over the last two weeks, so much annoying news about working, parenting, loving and cheating that we had a strong argument without awareness of the meat was burnt. It's interesting that our mouths were full of delicious meat while outputting endless complaints and criticisms

We were like two vicious animals hungry and active both physically and mentally. Maybe it's our special way of releasing press after all tedious workdays hiding under polite masks: two young girls dressing in nice close without makeup and scruple eating and talking over three hours. That's the best weekend day.

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