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Apr 27, 2019 19:50:47

Back to Life by Zayn

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Abhinaya Konduru

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Before you read the rest of the posts I would love to hear about what you see in this painting.

This week's painting is inspired by Back to Life by Zayn song. Here is my interpretation and inspiration behind the painting.

Lyrics here.

The song is mainly referring to that one person who helps you calm down when you have anxiety. That's what the main chorus is with the lines

I know she'll bring me back
Bring me back, bring me back to life
Bring me back
Bring me back, bring me back to life

The pre-chorus line is what inspired the entire painting:

Honestly she's the only one that's watching over me
Gives me oxygen when it gets hard to breathe

I wanted to represent oxygen and have that to be the main focus of the painting.

But, how do you show oxygen? 

Oxygen is something you can see but you can feel it when it's present. So I started brainstorming all the ways that I can represent oxygen. Ultimately settled on ballons in the sky. 

I thought balloons fit the entire story of the song as well.

After finishing the painting, I did notice that it looked like clouds and thought that also fit the theme of oxygen. 

The balloon is a bit off center because I wanted to show the chaos of "anxiety."

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