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Sep 09, 2019 10:32:34

Back to it

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Sarah Hum

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I want to start writing a new blog post but might push that to tomorrow instead. 

We just got home from our third retreat yesterday. I have a lot of stuff to get out of the way before I can focus on writing something new.

For one, my email inbox is overflowing. I just need to sit down for (hopefully less than) an hour and go through it. I have a support queue to clear up and a bunch of people to follow up with.

The main thing I want to get through is some product prioritization. I've been feeling like we need to get ahead and lay out more of our roadmap. We've been working on things on an as-needed basis but that means more stress. I especially want to make sure we select goal metrics to go with each project. We need to be measuring the impact of things a little better.

Elen's still out sick which means marketing will suffer but we'll get it back on track soon. We're hoping for her safe and healthy return!

As for the hackathon project, I want to get through all the of the stuff above before making some decisions. Mainly around how we're going to launch it and when.

Monday, here we go!

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