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Jun 30, 2019 06:13:14

Attention is everything

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Julia Saxena

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I realized that attention is the most precious thing I have.

It's not even time. Time is the same for everyone. We all get the same 24 hours every day. 

But we fully get to decide how we divide our attention. What does get attention and what doesn't.

There's an article titled "The Attention Diet" by Mark Manson. It's probably awesome (like about everything that Mark publishes), but the thing is ... I haven't read it yet. 

Why? It's a 27-minute read. And I literally can't give the article the attention right now it deserves. 

Other things need my attention more urgently, like these 200 words, like the work for my client I want to finish today, like my friends (we've finally managed to schedule a Skype call after a couple of months). 

There are soooooo many things I want to give more attention to. Like interesting articles. 

But I have to be super careful about what I give my attention. 

Every time something screams for attention, I have to ask myself: Will this help me achieve my goals? 

If not .... then sorry, not sorry ... doesn't deserve attention. 

This is hard to do. There are so many things that could be helpful, useful ... and I don't want to miss out. So easy to get distracted. 

Attention is a commodity that shouldn't be traded lightly. 

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