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Aug 11, 2019 21:19:50

anticipation, brain itch and afterglow

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Today the post is NOT The After Experiences Post, today it is We Are Just Before  To Set Off Post. So... just anticipations and preparations... Well... an Unrelated Nice Little Incident actually did already happen... 

@philh suddenly started humming a song. He KNEW THE SONG, obviously, I KNEW THE SONG, not so obviously and yet... none of us remembered what was it. 

"Billy Joel...?"

"Nope, Doobie Brothers... I think..."


And the Youtube search followed...



"Nooo..." (Bloody hell, seemed so close!)


"NOPE!!!" (Seemed so promising...)

We sped up.... NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!


(Please please please!!! Let it be it! Otherwise the terrible brain itch will torment us the whole day)


Really? That's it? We are not able to pin it?! 

Ahead of us a bloody day with the bloody tune looping in the background, hijacking moment after moment...?!


And then...


Steely Dan... O my god?! Yes... OBVIOUSLY! I mean, OBVIOUSLY!!!


So we are back. Digging out sand from our pockets, and bags and picnic boxes, and... knickers and... ears...

It was a perfect day, the sky was blue, the sea was "warm", the sand was white, the kids were happy and so are we <3

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