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May 23, 2019 20:47:29

Another random thought day

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Of course, the last nightshift was a nightmare again. I think my mental health degrades currently with every minute on duty.

Good thing I'm going to move soon. I consulted the upcoming meetings today with the seller of my new Apartment and also with my lawyer. It will be only a few months from now.

Basically, I requested a workday off on the third of June to handle all bureaucracy, because it turns out you need to be there and then there and then sign that. I wasn't expecting that much, but it is how it is.

Also, I don't want to even think about moving itself. I will have to paint the walls in the new Apartment, I will have to lay out network cables, as I'd like to have a Gigabit connection in every room. I need to dismantle all my furniture and move it to the new Apartment.

Oh well, some stressful weeks are upcoming. :)

But I also have something to look forward. As I wrote yesterday, tomorrow will be my birthday. And I will start the day right with three driving lessons. What could possibly go wrong? :)

I hope I'll have some more interesting topics to write about in the next weeks. This daily "diary-style" entry here isn't as much of a value as my previous posts. At least in my opinion. But, I won't break the streak! #TeamStreak :)

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