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Mar 24, 2019 15:46:09

An Open Letter

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Daniel Miller

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To the man who decided he needed to pass me while I was on my bicycle and there was oncoming traffic.

Note: this is not the first of this kind of thing.

I know the sense of panic your lizard brain experiences when you see me up ahead. Don't delay it says. The cyclist is going to cause a delay! I know your lizard brain thinks this, but your cognitive brain can then also realize there are three stop signs up ahead that will force you to come to a complete stop.

But those stop signs are just a little bit further ahead. I know. And your lizard brain is talking about the 100 meters before the stop sign. Your lizard brain is imperative. 

However! When there is oncoming traffic, and it is a two-lane road, and I'm taking up half of our lane, and the oncoming vehicle is taking up the entirety of their lane, that is a very inopportune time to appease your lizard brain by jamming on the accelerator pedal of your vehicle and pass me. You are basically forcing one of three scenarios:

  1. You strike the oncoming vehicle head-on.
  2. You strike me whilst passing me, probably on the arm or handlebar, forcing me off the bike in a violent manner.
  3. You narrowly squeeze in between us, inspiring the ire of both the oncoming driver and myself and raising cortisol levels all around.

I'm grateful today the universe chose the third option for our encounter. 

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    @danielmiller yea... hard to silent the lizard brain...
    how are your experiences from "the other view"
    and, as a pedestrian I think that it would be wonderful if this rule "Bicyclists with earbuds: there are very few times when earbuds are acceptable, mostly for reasons of your own safety" refer to pedestrians as well, so much safer to hear the car coming from behind (the corner or whatever) than to see it...

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 25, 2019 09:11:35
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