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Jun 21, 2019 22:44:34

An imaginary interview

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"What's your first time realized that you are special when you are little?"

"Well, there are so much to say. When I was little, I was always the special one among the group, and I really enjoyed that."

"Any particular one?"

"Ummm, I received an award of 'the most talented child' when I graduated from kindergarten because I did nothing but painting alone for three years. Everyone got a really deep impression about that. "

"So you love painting since such an early age. What did you paint for? "

"Actually, many kids love drawing like me in the same class, they paint something simple and colorful, for example, sun, trees, animals. But I was the most special one because all my drawings were one person imaged by me in details without any background."

"That sounds kind of weird for a four-year girl, and you insisted for three years. So you still paint in that way now? Any changes? "

"People are still my favorite theme. There may be unknown power in my painting because no matter what I drew, you could feel sad from their eyes. "

"If you could meet your four-year-old version self, what would you say to her?"

"I haven't thought that question before, but I think the most I want to say is that 'You would survive till your 25.' since I believed I would die before 25 when I was 4. "

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