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Feb 28, 2019 21:15:29

Always unsatisfied

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I have beautiful long straight black hair and haven't change it for years. Unexpectedly today afternoon changing my hairstyle just occurred to me and one hour later my appearance refreshed.  I wonder, why I used to keep the same hairstyle for years and still be satisfied?

At normal afternoons, I usually rise from my a half-hour nap and go back to work. Nothing would change other than the work continues without a doubt.

No matter what,  try something new is too hard even for a little insignificant detail like maybe I should schedule a Pomorodo timer to remind me of switching between sitting and standing, maybe I need a reading app to speed my visual reading speed. My life still goes on with noting changes every day, then how to convince myself to try something new with no immediate beneficiates?

Anyone who makes an effort to satisfy himself better deserves a good deed. It's not only about staying calm and making decisions but also more open to failures and risks. Unknown future is an addiction to an unrealistic dream, motivations based on trying something new other than following daily routines before sounds like escaping for unwilling responsibilities. 

So being unsatisfied is not a solution to survive from the daunting present situation. 

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