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Aug 02, 2019 18:36:03

After giving the presents

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At the tail of June, I sent two self-designed journals to graduated schoolmates.

My designs are the covers from July to December in a funny story-telling theme, the structures of the weekly and daily questions, and blanks pages were left for them to fill in with future experiences.

Besides, I started to journaling at the same time (though in a plain notebook without paints).

Over one month has passed, half of my notebook has been eaten by my hand-writing journal, it reminds me of how's it going with my gifts.

So I connected with the two workplace newbies after one month's separation.

Interestingly, I've never kept touch with any graduated schoolmates before, because it's difficult for me to start a conversation naturally.

But it's different this time, we had a happy talk beginning with the journal, then spreading to our recent situations.

Thought they both too busy to write a journal over the past month, they started the first line in the head of August.

I felt great that the gifts become the links between me and the distant freinds, because it's a memory-creating habit other than pretty decoration.

So I sent my bf one of my favorite books as his birthday gifts, other things would fade, but the new memory from daily reading won't.

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