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Mar 21, 2019 23:03:10

Addiction into pre-commitment

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There is a kind of people who are always set up to do something. For example, after deciding to exercise every day to keep in health, they take action quickly: subscribe to a nearby gym for multi-courses, shop fashional sport suits for eye-attraction, read recommend tips for predictable conditions. When all these preparations are done, they even have no motivations to go to the gym once a month. But it doesn't matter that they are up to do another plan that commits themselves to be better and happier.

I am such a kind of people. Though not interested in sports,  I'm addicted to getting access to new books convinced by I would be more "completed" not only in the knowledge system but also in life experience if I read them. Next is my favorite part: searching for free resources, or buy it online. Anyway, all my excitement and passion would end with the book in my hand finally. Then I feel bored, even reading a single line is painful for me, seems like searching and buying exhausted my energy.

In conclusion, I am afraid to do real hard work. The preparation to work hard other than doing something every day to make little achievement satisfy my vanity and save me from ignorance. I know it's awful but how to change it?

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