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Jul 27, 2019 21:49:56

about sports

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The weekends are so slow. I cannot really embrace the productivity. Still.

Saturdays is just about watching sports. Cannot avoid this little pleasure. I like sports since childhood.

Lets write down some overview of sports I did at least for a while.

I competed in swimming, played basketball, played soccer, rowing, competed in freestyle snowboarding ... Thai boxing and now a little bit of boxing .. actually it's not that much hehe. but yeah sport is part of my life.

If I wouldn't be lazy I would sport more haha. 

The most of the time I got stuck with snowboarding since 15 I was competing and I stopped around 23. 

One year I was all season in the mountain the next I did go there once.

Last two years it was just chilling so I decided that was the time to try something else and I almost completely step out from the community.

Interesting experience I just gave up a few years but I just felt it's needed. Still, I enjoy snowboarding even these days but the true passion is gone. Actually, as I ma getting older I am more scared, haha.

Enjoy rest of your weekend and take care. 


Stay with me. Efran.

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