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May 08, 2019 07:30:55

A little different then usual

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I have a lot of things in routine, for example, after the wash up in the morning, I will need to boiled water and doing laundry, follow up by some browsing to clear my still foggy mind and my 200wad posting time, get all done before 7 am so that I need to start serving my big kids going to school.

Today my routine has been spoiled, while one of the reason is the big kid is not around, so that I no need to rush for serving him, but the main reason is there are many notifications here in 200wad, I been busy browsing around, congrats all the new #TeamStreak member and check out their latest post.

It's already 7:30 am; finally, I can start my writing. It's nice to be around with the community, and it feels dangerously addicted too. One of the reasons I m afraid of getting too involved in a community is you need to spend the time to get involved. As a person that with little time, it seems a bit luxury to spend time on this, which is why although I m in quite a few maker communities, some are event paid community, but I remain quiet mostly. I stay as an observer most of the time.

Let's see how this go, maybe I can speed up my daily posting so that I can have more time to check around within the community. It's a little bit hard to remain quiet after mumbles here for the past 152 days.

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    @knight The day I joined in #TeamStreak, my first reaction was that I might do something illegal to receive so many notifications, haha. Similar to you, I spend more time to read others' post trying to leave useful feedback other than just congratulations.
    Tell you the truth, writing feedback is much harder than a post for me. It requires more about language culture and life experiences.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | May 08, 2019 10:43:45
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      @5plus6 true, I only feedback if I really have something say, rather then just reply for the sake of reply.

      Knight avatar Knight | May 09, 2019 06:24:29
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    @knight - maybe you can have @baz only send you notifications on the day of your choosing ;-)

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 07, 2019 18:05:37
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      @brianball lol feature request eh? I think @baz will be really busy

      Knight avatar Knight | May 09, 2019 06:24:52
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