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Jun 06, 2019 22:59:49

A Homeless guy in the Belly

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Koreans have very literary ways of saying things. A very funny saying my dad once uttered:

"Do you have a bum in your belly?"

describes someone with insatiable hunger.

In Korean, the word bum or homeless person is derogatory in an absolute-normative way without the same political charge it carries in the U.S. Homeless/bum in Korean always paints a man in my imagination rather than my English evoked conception of homeless people which encompasses both genders, albeit a higher proportion of men.

I pondered aloud about this saying while at the bdinner table when my mom commented how fast we went through food -- both my brother and I were visiting. I asked, why it is that the phrases uses bum. My mom and dad both said it was because bums go long periods without eating and will wolf down food when given the chance. Thus if a bum lives in your belly, you will always be hungry, no matter how much you eat, because that bum will eat it himself.

To that I asked why that bum was always hungry. "Wouldn't it eventually stop being hungry and not wolf down food?"

My dad snickered and said, "In this metaphor, this bum is always a bum and always hungry as a bum."

As my mom laughed at this, I suggested that perhaps the bum inside the belly had a bum within his own belly. I then asked, if you think that the universe is just bums within the bellies of other larger bum organisms.

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    @abrahamKim "This bum is always a bum and always hungry as a bum." Love it! 👏

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 06, 2019 14:45:06
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