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Mar 27, 2019 12:00:08

A hard lesson to learn by @charlotteluzuka

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Jan 23, 2019 12:40:16 @charlotteluzuka 

"The wheels began to fall off"

I am a committee member of a Toastmaster's club. This is a voluntary role. My first two years were relatively pleasant but this third year has been especially gruelling. When I put my hand up to help the club to run smoothly, my goal was to create an environment that would enable me to improve on my communication skills, but I also wanted to opportunity to grow my skill set in other areas. In my first year in PR, I learnt about using different social media tools to attract new members, I created a bi-weekly newsletter and updated our website - skills that I continue to use to this day. In my second year as President, I learnt how to balance the role of motivating others whilst managing targets and adjusting plans. In my third year, I was meant to be the secretary but ended up also being Treasurer and VP of Education, and helping out with new members. The wheels began to fall off and whilst I can see that I am intrinsically motivated (an awareness that has helped me to achieve other goals), I am not being paid to be doing all that I am doing. And so the countdown until my tenure ends has begun and best believe I will be a. taking a hiatus from Toastmasters and b. only giving my all to roles that contribute towards me paying my bills.

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