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Jun 03, 2019 21:59:32

A dinner talk

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There is no second chance to be reborn again. However, if you would be a parent to teach your kid to learn the world, it's your second chance to make a better choice in the simialr situation.

"You shouldn't be so stubborn, everyone is suffering the same issue, why you couldn't be more tolerant?" my classmate persuaded me during the dinner.

"Well, I know that. I am not being stubborn to pursue perfection, what I am doing is finding a solution," I looked straight into her eyes and asked, "you think it's okay because you could tolerate till graduation and never work in academic research again, but how about your children? In your 19-year school life, you learned nothing but obey the rule to get passed. Then would you tell your children to do the same for another 19 years?"

"... hmmm, " she hesitated for a while, "everyone does so, there is no other choice."

"Do you know why there are so many parents crazy about education?" I didn't reject her reply directly but asked another question, and answered it myself, "it's not because the pressure from the society, but the stress from themselves because they don't know how to learn smarter when they are a student, either.  They don't know how to foster creativity, so let the kid spend every weekend in the painting class make them feel safe and guiltless." 

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    @5plus6 interesting talk, I wonder the full story background, haha. As a parent, I do keep reminding myself of my choices for my kids, is that something they need, or something I want?

    Knight avatar Knight | Jun 06, 2019 06:15:34
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      @knight The background is a hard life-changing choice in the school, I have written several posts to try to figure out what should I do on 200 WaD, though I didn't write in a direct way because the fear of my teacher. I summarized in the post "My next five"(https://200wordsaday.com/words/my-next-five-189625cf12948e4d3c).
      Put simply, I am fighting for being an independent student learning to solve problems other than a working machine without soul waiting for graduation.

      Btw, you are a great parent, your kid wouldn't be alone to make choices because you would stand by them.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jun 06, 2019 10:09:45
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      @5plus6 argh! I remember that small office room post haha. Good choices and proud for you, choosing the right way is better than choosing the easy way. 👍

      Knight avatar Knight | Jun 07, 2019 06:35:04
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