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Jun 15, 2019 23:57:44

30 topics that I could write 200 + in half an hour

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My streak is hard to survive on Saturday. How to save the streak in half an hour? @chacha shared a technique called "make 50 of something". So I made the following bullet. 

Actually there are only 30 when I almost exhausted my mind. 

1. Fake up an conversation. 

2. Rewrite an old post published months ago.

3. Classify and list out something familiar.

4. Make an introduction of something which most of the words are from copy.

5. Record one thing I did today in detail.

6. Ask a conflict question without exact answer.

7. Share an article, 70% is copy, the rest 30% is simple comment.

8. Share some simple tips of productivity.

9.  One thing have been delayed to do for years. 

10. One quote didn't understand before but totally agree now.

11. A new habit I try to form recently.

12. The last cry.

13. Make some complain.

14. Reflection on my complain.

15. The story about my name.

16. Write a random topic, one sentence one pragraph.

17. My first 200 WaD feedback.

18.  The food I eat a lot whenever I am sad.

19. My childhood dream career.

20. App in my phone have been deleted then downloaded again repeatedly.

21. One habit that makes me feel good.

22. The song that first touched me deeply.

23. A review of my writing habit on 200 WaD.

24. What was I doing now last year?

25. What will I do now next year?

26. My dream job.

27. A job created for myself.

28. A friend I am jealous of.

29. Books on my desk.

30. Posts on 200 WaD that I have bookmarked but failed to write a comment over a week.

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    @5plus6 This is a great list!

    maginga avatar maginga | Jun 15, 2019 23:35:06
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      @chacha And "make 50 of something" is a great tip! The beginning 10 bullets are just free mind, while the last 10 are reflections indeed. Btw, the last one "Posts on 200 WaD that I have bookmarked but failed to write a comment over a week." was one of my brothers for a long time.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jun 23, 2019 13:27:42
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