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Jul 22, 2019 17:00:05

200 Words a Day? dot com? Seriously? by @happydaddy

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Dec 13, 2018 20:03:31 @happydaddy

"It is writing gym. Your place to get your writing is always in shape."

Why not?

200 words per day (dot com). I think is not just a word counter tools. Or new born social media that suited for "wanna be" novelist just like me.

It is writing gym. Your place to get your writing is always in shape.

It also a Swiss army knife to put the raw material from our early stage of mind that can directly commented by societies. (it is better to have critics in the early stage).

Ok what's next features?

0. A badge. A digital achievement for writing 200 day? A badge for one week streak write 200 words a day.

1. A daily status. Like Github User Profile . It is track the frequencies your daily writing. More darker indicates more lines on that day.

2. An image uploader. Hmm, some times pictures are valued as 1000 words.

At this points, it is need fifty three more words to achieve 200 words. So far it feels great!. So I may need more words to finally achieve 200 words. And here you go. 200. Words. A day.


All words that written in this post was intended to try the live editor of 200wordsaday.com and to knowing how long it need to write 200 words. Not for show off my abilities to write 200 a day. It hurts. But I feel great. Really. And its 231 words already. Yay!

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