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Jun 06, 2019 19:00:03

200 Words a Day by @prouhet

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Dec 15, 2018 00:56:27 @prouhet

"Adding muscle"

It allows me to express my creativity, yeah!

Things I really like are reviews I have done. Here are topics I need to write about:

Fastest.Fit without a Phone (Free Texting)

CBD - How I got to Lazarus and Loved It

Where it started and where we are today. Different types (with minimal HTC). Canniboid System an overview theory, CBD Lifting, CBD changes pain receptors, Dr. Patrick's take on it

Intermittent Fasting Benefits -

Fasting & Cellulite

Fasting & Organ Health - The unobserved, duh that makes sense

Fasting, the way we suggest - all fasting articles lead to "our app"

Recovery with Melatonin - What & How Much (Time Released Capsules) - Talk about occasional superdosing as said by Tim Ferris Podcast

Org.Fit - How to get things done in your MLM (ref Dennis Perry)

Let's chat about directing your organization's behavior with checkins & productivity hacks. AKA creating actions though habits & rituals. Truly changing your life for the better.

Women & Weight Lifting - Whatcha Gotta Know - Adding muscle (not body builder style, old fashioned stregnth benefits)

FiveBYFive for Men - Based on Tony haircut discussion & indirectly talk red pill. Being a Man.

Fastest.Fit for Athletes...Designing the Next Workout Series for Bodyweight workout

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