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Jul 17, 2019 16:00:05

200 Words a day. by @nehamishra

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Jan 05, 2019 15:53:00 @nehamishra

"[W]ake up and write a couple of pages. Everyday."

If I ever write a book, Mohit would be a part of it.

Who is Mohit, you ask?

He is... a friend. He always attempts to instil the habit of writing into me.

The first suggestion he gave me was to wake up and write a couple of pages. Everyday. First thing in the morning. The thing about this guy is, he gets so amazed by the idea that he would tell you about it all excited and it catches on, you know? If it doesnโ€™t, wait for him to mention it two more times and you would want to try it only so you could tell him it wasnโ€™t that good an idea.

Then there was the day, he randomly pinged me about this website. "Itโ€™s a great idea, donโ€™t you think?" I donโ€™t know just yet. However, the name was self-explanatory and signing up felt like a commitment I could afford to give. It helps that I am commitment phobic and also insanely loyal, which is why I feel obligated to write these 200 words.

I know innately that I need to inculcate the habit but the thing is, we partially talented people believe that itโ€™s only the lack of motivation and a great idea that is stopping us from being great writers. More's the pity.

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