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Jan 23, 2019 23:25:15

#20 Sweater weather

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Rikard, he said his name was. 

"Oh my God, what a nice sweater" he says as he rubs the wool of my sweater between his finger and thumb. "Is it real wool?"


"How Northern Norwegian"

(It was a Swedish brand actually and I had bought last time I was in Oslo.)

"Yeah, it really saved me up in TromsΓΈ"

He edged closer. I'm not sure if I was giving off the right vibes. I sit up straight, like an autistic plank to signal that I was not interested. 

"Oh, it must have been so..." he hits me with a dirty look "... rough up there."

Oh. My. Days. 

"Um... I guess so, at least you guys have summers down here"

"Oh you'll love Oslo in the summer. It's raining a bit now but you know, when the sun comes out everyone comes alive. Everyone is just so ready to fuck, you know?"

I didn't know.

I felt like it was time to extricate myself. BjΓΈrn still seemed to be ignoring me but it was his place I was staying at so that pissed me off somewhat. I said thanks to Rikard and he swivelled on his ass and jumped into another conversation without skipping a beat. 

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