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Jan 21, 2019 23:27:37

#18 Beanie-men

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Bjørn shakes his head like a bear. 


"Nei, nei Tim". Cue more bear-like shaking.


"Nei just kutt it and don't try anymore when we are inside." 

Bjørn and I were just about to enter what seemed to be a very hipster bar called OSLOVELO in what seemed to be a hipster area. I noticed that the cafe was actually also a bar and a bicycle repair shop (because, of course). Bjørn was taking the last few drags of his cigarette before we entered. He kept leaning to the side like a birch in the wind to peer through the window. His moustache was twitching. 

"Ok, come on"

Bjørn pushes the door forward and we are immediately assaulted by restless chatter and a droning electronic bass. If you go to OSLOVELO, you'll notice that there's a bench by a large window just opposite the bar and on this bench were five guys. All fairly pale, in black and wearing those tiny beanies. Not only are they quite tiny but they apparently have to be rolled up as high as possible. It reminded me of some animal documentary where male birds fluff up their feathers in order to attract mates. The chicks seemed to be impressed, though. One girl with a frankly filthy tracksuit was checking out the guy with the highest rolled beanie. The other beanie-men looked on in dismay at the new alpha beanie-man. 

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