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Aug 23, 2019 04:03:25

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Brian Ball

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When you show up all day.

When you get out and play.

When you dine and drink.

When you code and think.

When you encourage.

And comment.

You're busy and thoughtful and precious.

You care for wounds and make eggs delicious.

Meetups and Pizza

Free T-shirts galore.


You ship and connect.

Pitch, promote, hustle.

Words in use all day.

You're winning the race.

You're keeping up pace.

You push the edge of what's possible.

Time. Physics. Space.

Chat with a mate.

Schedule a date.

Close a tab.


Many numbers. Some up. Some down.

Can you perform?

Will you drown?

On a day like the day when you do all the things. But you forget to do one, or two, or three or none. 

Are you breathing, alive, in the race.

Pat yourself on the back.

You've won.

No trophy. No prize. No line to cross.

Show up today and write and share.

You can get to the end, it's hardly a dare.

Pick your battles.

Choose writing galore.

Words of today. Some days less. Some days more.

Write, edit, publish, you will see.

You can make your own numbers: 1 and 2 and 3.

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    @brianball nice one 🔥

    Sara Silva avatar Sara Silva | Aug 24, 2019 13:25:45
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    @brianball - This poetry/rap thing is contagious.
    Nice one..

    What's the 17,416 though?

    Keni avatar Keni | Aug 23, 2019 19:55:26
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      @keni - that's my breathing streak 🤣

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 23, 2019 18:58:25
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