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May 11, 2019 22:44:04

10 Short Story Ideas

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Nick Simard

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Here are some things that have been tumbling around inside my head. Some for years, others for weeks.

1. The one about the lost dog tag

A man finds a dog tag while at the dog park. The name says “Albert” and there’s a phone number. Should he call it? If he does, who’s on the other end of that call and is someone now in danger?

2. The one about the guy who wakes up at different points of his own life’s timeline

A guy finds himself at a different part of his own life (past & present) each time he wakes up. What’s happening? Who can he tell? Is there a way out of this waking nightmare?

3. The one about the car accident

Two guys get into a car accident. One is a TV personality so his face is everything. He’s disfigured and his life is drastically altered. He was to blame but the other guy isn’t pursuing legal action? Is there an ulterior motive?

4. The one about the “assisted dying” facility

This isn’t the typical assisted living facility where older folks go to have people help them live. This place is intended for those who no longer want to live, regardless of age. The residents are dying to get out of there. What secrets lie beneath the surface?

5. The one about the hit & run and mistaken witnesses

A man sees a hit and run and pursues the offender. Witnesses saw HIS car speed off and he’s falsely accused. He becomes a fugitive as he tries to prove his innocence. But at what cost?

6. The one where he sees the girl of his dreams...literally

A guy sees a woman that he’s been having dreams about. But he doesn’t know her. How is she there in real life? Is he going crazy? Is she involved somehow?

7. The one where AI deems us a threat and takes over

We created AI to help us do what’s right and to do the least damage. It’s turned on us because WE are the biggest threat. Can humans rise up? Is it best if the robots win?

8. The one where contact lenses allow someone to see “extra” things

A special pair of contact lenses reveals things that nobody else can see. Are they creating an alternate reality or just exposing what’s there but unseen? Who’s responsible for these contact lenses?

9. The one where everything is fine, except his house and family are not his

A man walks into his house but things aren’t right. His family has changed, the furniture is wrong, it’s not really his. But outside his doors the world is unchanged.

10. The one where the guy sees someone from his past, but she died years ago

A guy sees someone at a coffee shop who’s been dead for years. How is that possible? His wife doesn’t seem to react to this when he shares the news. Is she in on it?

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    @nicksimard #'s 2 and 4 are the most intriguing to me.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 12, 2019 09:41:35
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      @brandonwilson Thanks for the feedback! #2 is the one that’s most fleshed out. I originally thought there was a novel there (and there may very well be) but that’s daunting so I thought maybe it was short story-able for starters. #4 is also one that I had in mind for about a year now. Some of them came to me in the past month. They may fizzle out and get replaced by better, more captivating ideas.

      I have a lot of possible directions that #2 can go in, about how/why he’s jumping to different points in his timeline. Almost everything has been done, so I’d wanna make it be at least a little surprising.

      Nick Simard avatar Nick Simard | May 13, 2019 22:34:21
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