To be or not to be (an engineer)

Published on Aug 25, 2020

I just got off a Zoom with the Head of Talent at a small startup that's growing super quickly. I was pretty enamored with the idea of spending the next couple of months unemployed to be heads-down on writing and working on my own projects. But my friends joined a startup that had some really cool job openings, like a sales engineer and technical SDR role.

Something that the tail-end of my last software engineer internship taught me was that I am not the type of person that works best when heads-down in my IDE 8 hours a day. The recruiter I was talking to asked me some really important questions about where I see myself in the next few years. I started with the fact that I absolutely could not see myself working my way up to staff engineer someday. That just isn't something I care about (I wish that college had done a better job of teaching me what else I can do with a CS degree).

I like talking to people. I like helping them to solve problems in real-time. After 4 SWE internships, I've seen that half of the equation—the building. Now I want to get the other half—the selling.