The One Week Startup Challenge

Published on Sep 15, 2019

Lately, I've been intrigued by this concept I've heard from at least a couple of people now of implementing the MVP for a startup idea as fast as possible; where usually the recommendation is 24 hours or, at most, a week.

Keeping the time it takes to launch as short as possible, they say, is a key part of the deal because it is supposed to force you to come up with an MVP that has nothing else but the most essential features needed to validate or discard the idea.  For reference, I believe this approach was popularized about a year ago by Pat Walls when he launched his 24hr startup challenge and it went viral.

To me, the idea of being hooked to a camera while attempting to launch a startup for 24hrs sounds too insane; I love my sleep way tooooo much that I'm not willing to sacrifice it on such a stunt.  Although, I have to admit that I'd be willing to consider the possibility further if I was doing the challenge with a team, as opposed to solo.  There is something about working in a team that motivates me to keep going and breakthrough the discomfort.

In my case (given I have a full time job and, like I said before, I'm working solo), the one week version of the challenge sounds a lot more appealing as it would give me the opportunity to try out some new/unrelated ideas I have in mind, while at the same time, not getting too side-tracked if they do not pan out because the effort is bounded by a relatively short amount of time.

This way if, for some reason, the business hypothesis is rejected, then I can always go back to focusing on the project I have been working with for a long time; while at the same time having had the satisfaction of knowing that at least I gave it an honest effort.

Having said all of this, I already have a few ideas in mind for projects that would be a good fit for the challenge and I am currently making preparations to get started with the first one in the upcoming week.  

Really looking forward to getting to work on a fresh new idea using this format.