Published on Sep 16, 2020

Today I did something spectacular. I outsmarted a business that is subscription based.

As I was going over all my transactions in 2019, I realized that there were many small charges. There were from some subscription based businesses that were eating away at my potential to save.

So this month, I have been strategically getting rid of them. Some were easy. Some were cunning. The level of chess moves required to find the cancel subscription button seems wrong. I usually end up searching online for ways to cancel. And I am amazed at how difficult big companies in particular make it.

Here are the list of the cancellation I have made:

- Gym membership - Cancelled. I have no desire to pay to get the virus from overused machines in overcrowded spaces. I am working out at home.

- WeWork - Cancelled. I have paid an obscene amount of monthly fees for this work environment. Time to move one and get motivation from my own room.

- Artlist - Cancelled. This website was very useful when I was looking for music to include in a few business ventures. Unless I am going to get back to that type of business - not going to stay subscribed.

- Amazon Kindle Unlimited - Cancelled. I barely read anymore. Everything is audible so no thanks to Kindle.

And a few other subscriptions. It amazed me how cancelling the subscriptions had to be on my to-do list a few times before I was able to execute. That is exactly why it is so popular.

I need to be more disciplined about anything that I subscribe to.